Waterways in Hatiya Closed Due to Hostile Weather

Priyodesh News, Hatiya, Noakhali: In response to adverse weather conditions, sea communications with the island upazila of Noakhali, Hatiya, have been temporarily closed across the nation. This closure has impacted various modes of water transport, including the Hatiya-Dhaka launch movement, Hatiya-Chattogram steamer movement, and Hatiya-Boyarchar chairman ghat boat movement. The suspension of these services began on Wednesday morning and is expected to persist until Thursday morning.

The closure of these crucial waterways has effectively restricted access to and from Hatiya, disrupting travel plans for both locals and visitors alike.

Azrul Islam, Assistant Observer at the Noakhali District Meteorological Department, reported that Noakhali district experienced 87 millimeters of rainfall within the last 24 hours. Hatiya, in particular, recorded the highest rainfall of 138 mm on Tuesday. As a result of the low-pressure system, the Meteorological Department has raised signal number 3 for coastal areas starting on Tuesday.

Suraiya Akhter Lucky, the Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) of Hatiya, confirmed the activation of signal number 3 for coastal regions due to the prevailing low-pressure conditions. Consequently, sea and river movements have been suspended since Wednesday afternoon, affecting all forms of water transportation nationwide. Furthermore, fishing boats have been advised to remain cautious and stay in coastal areas until the situation improves.

The closure of waterways and the issuance of signal number 3 serve as essential precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and travelers in the face of adverse weather conditions in Hatiya and its surrounding coastal areas. Local authorities continue to monitor the situation closely, providing updates and guidance as needed to safeguard the community during this challenging period.