Mysterious Illness Strikes Students During Class in Bhola


Bhola Correspondent: During class hours at Paschim Charpata High School in Bhola Sadar Upazila, one student suddenly fell ill, leading to nearly 40 students falling sick.

Eyewitnesses and multiple students described a sudden gust of wind as “the breath of life,” but medical experts have ruled out this explanation. Doctors suggest that the children may have been affected by psychogenic illness.

On Tuesday morning, at least 26 students fell ill at Paschim Charpata High School.

Jihad, a student of Class 8 at Paschim Charpata High School, recounted, “Our math teacher was taking our class when suddenly I felt dizzy. My head started spinning, and I felt like my hair was standing on end. Seeing my condition, the teachers took me to the library, and then I lost consciousness. When I regained consciousness, I found myself in the hospital.”

A parent named Abu Kalam said, “A teacher called from the school to inform us that my son had fallen ill. When I reached the school, I saw some students fainting, while others were in an unconscious state.”

Several students reported experiencing a sudden gust of wind during class hours, making them feel as if they were floating. This phenomenon is locally known as “the breath of life.” Subsequently, one student fell ill, followed by others falling sick one after another. Many students experienced symptoms such as headaches, trembling, weakness, and toothaches.

The class teacher, Abu Chhaid, said, “At around 11 a.m., I was conducting the class. When Jihad fell ill, I asked others to hold him. Moments later, I saw him make a strange noise and then collapse. I also felt dizzy, and tears started flowing from my eyes.”

Doctors suggest that the children may be suffering from psychogenic illness, where one person’s condition triggers fear in another. Currently, the affected students are receiving treatment at Bhola Sadar Hospital. Due to the incident, the school authorities have declared a three-day holiday.

The headmaster of Paschim Charpata High School, Mr. Nazrul Islam, expressed deep concern, stating that students from sixth to tenth grade have been affected by this illness, and they are being treated at the hospital. He announced a three-day holiday in light of the situation. Meanwhile, relatives of the sick students are crowding the hospital, deeply worried upon seeing their beloved children in such a state.

Dr. A. K. M. Shafiqul Islam, Civil Surgeon of Bhola Sadar General Hospital, stated that it is believed that the children may be suffering from psychogenic illness. Currently, they are all receiving treatment at the hospital and are free from any danger.