Kishoregonj Jubadol Leader Under Attack, Vandalism Reported


Md. Rafiqul Islam, president of Jubadol at Gujadia union, Karimganj upazila, KishoreGonj was recently victim of attack and vandalism at his house by ruling party leaders and patrons.

It has been reported that Mr. Rafiqul Islam, a member of Jubadol (an organisation under BNP) was at his residence, speaking about some controversial issues regarding the 12th National Parliament Election, stating his opinions to the common people about fair elections and spontaneous voting, when a group of enraged patrons of the ruling party charged at him and attacked him with weapons like swords, knife, axes and sticks. At one point they even started vandalising his property. Later the neighbours came forward to his rescue and saved him.

Maybe if the neighbours hadn’t had come to his rescue, he might have been killed on spot. Later he also received death threats from those people.

Mr. Rafiqul stated that even after being attacked in a vulnerable way, he couldn’t file for a General Diary at the local Police Station. Since the complaint was against the power holding party, the Police expressed incompetence to take any legal action against them.

But according to Karimganj Police Station sources, the police are actively trying to prevent this type of political unrest and conflicts in the area, putting maximum effort to investigate these cases. Civilians demand proper investigation of this matter and that the culprits are brought before justice.