Foreign Minister Urges All Parties to Halt Election-Centric Violence

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen called for a collective effort to curb election-centric violence during a press briefing on Friday. Expressing concern over recent incidents, he emphasized the importance of all political parties demonstrating sincerity and willingness to halt the disturbing trend of violence.

“We will not allow anyone to obstruct the polls. We hope all parties will demonstrate sincerity and willingness to stop violence,” stated FM Momen, addressing reporters after attending a function in the city.

The Foreign Minister accused the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) of initiating violent acts in the guise of peaceful rallies. He highlighted instances of attacks on innocent people, destruction of properties, and the torching of over a hundred vehicles.

“Their (BNP) key aim was to carry out arson attacks and destruction of properties,” Momen declared.

Describing the Awami League as a pro-election political party, he expressed hope that the BNP would mature and refrain from resorting to violence, fostering an environment conducive to fair elections.

“We want to see a model election,” Momen added.

In response to a question, FM Momen affirmed that both the United States and Bangladesh share a commitment to ensuring free and fair elections. He addressed the frequent comments from the US on Bangladesh’s domestic issues, attributing them to some Bangladeshis attempting to involve US officials in the country’s internal affairs.

“It is very unfortunate that they are trying to destroy their own country,” Momen lamented.

The Foreign Minister highlighted that the Awami League has consistently come to power through democratic elections, dispelling any notion of backdoor entries.

“We want elections,” Momen asserted.

Earlier in the day, FM Momen served as the chief guest at the ‘International Charity Bazar,’ hosted by the Foreign Officer Spouses Association (FOSA) at the Foreign Service Academy. The event saw the participation of diplomats stationed in Dhaka and senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.