Dengue Claims 11 More Lives, Total Deaths Reach 741


In the last 24 hours, eleven additional lives have been tragically claimed by the relentless dengue virus, bringing the nationwide death toll from this Aedes-borne mosquito-borne disease to a grim total of 741. Simultaneously, 2,944 new dengue cases have necessitated hospitalization during this period, pushing the cumulative caseload of this disease to a staggering 151,272.

This disheartening update was conveyed through an official press release issued by the Health Emergency Operation Center and Control Room of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) on Monday, September 11.

According to the DGHS press release, among the latest dengue patients, 967 individuals have been admitted to various hospitals in Dhaka, while 1,977 others are seeking treatment outside Dhaka.

Furthermore, the press release provided the current status of dengue patients receiving care across the nation, revealing that a total of 9,816 individuals are undergoing treatment in both public and private hospitals. Of these, 4,207 patients are being treated in hospitals within Dhaka, while 5,609 are receiving care outside the capital city.

Among those afflicted, 140,715 dengue patients have successfully recovered and been discharged from hospitals. This encouraging statistic comprises 63,291 patients who regained their health in Dhaka and 77,424 patients who have recuperated outside Dhaka and have since returned to their homes.