US visa policy will not have any impact on police operations: DMP


Priyodesh News, Dhaka, Bangladesh: Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Deputy Commissioner (Media), Faruk Hossain, reassured the public today that the recently implemented US visa policy would not disrupt police operations in Bangladesh.

Speaking to reporters at the DMP’s media center in the capital, Deputy Commissioner Faruk Hossain emphasized that the impact of the visa restriction on the police force would be minimal due to the low number of officers seeking to travel to the United States.

“We have more than 2 lakh personnel in Bangladesh Police. My question is: How many of them actually want to go to America? The number is very low. From that perspective, we believe this visa restriction will not have any impact on the police,” Faruk said.

Furthermore, Deputy Commissioner Faruk revealed that the police had not received any specific list of individuals targeted by the visa restriction. He asserted the police force’s commitment to operating within the boundaries of the law and upholding human rights standards, both in the past and in the future.

“We believe the police force operates within the boundaries of law, adhering to human rights standards. We have done so in the past, and we will continue to do so in the future,” Faruk Hossain said. “Therefore, I have faith that this visa policy will not in any way hinder our operations.”

Responding to questions regarding US concerns about the role of law enforcement agencies during the upcoming election, the DMP deputy commissioner reaffirmed the police force’s commitment to maintaining law and order.

“The role of the police during the upcoming election is to provide security at polling centers. The responsibility that will be placed on us comes from the Election Commission. We will fulfill that responsibility,” stated the DMP deputy commissioner. “In this regard, we do not think that the US visa policy will pose any obstacle to our duties.”

Deputy Commissioner Faruk Hossain’s comments come as Bangladesh’s law enforcement agencies prepare for their role in ensuring a secure and peaceful electoral process in the country.