Gambling & money laundring inside ‘Teen Patti Gold’ games, culprits arrested


Ulka games CEO Jamilur Rashid with six more are arrested by elite force Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). They are allegedly involved with thousands of crores money laundering by ‘Teen Patti Gold- TPG’ games as well as other online games. 

Recently (31 October, 2022) RAB law and media wing director commander Khandakar Al Moin told press briefing at the Kawran bazar, Dhaka.

He said, they are arrested in a operation in Mahakhali and Uttara area.

It is known that, ‘Teen Patti Gold’ TPG is a Indian app, advertisement of this app in Bangladesh in also available. This is not only games but also gambling. Millions of dollar is being sent to moonfrog labs India by selling chips. Moonfrog labs are laundering from india to stillfront Sweden. This is operated by local games design and developing company called Ulka games.

TPG is considered as dangerous addiction like casino. If someone starts investing money, he can’t get out from it without being destitute. Some people are being addicted to this online game. Most of them are school and university students. Though people from others profession are also involved.

RAB told, there are few more games but ‘Andharbahar’ is their main gambling. First they buy virtual chips with dollar, then pay games with it.

Beside this, rating gambling on IPL and BPL is also available in TPG. People are being trapped by getting benefits initially but soon they start losing huge amount of money.

Shoriful (anonymous name) from Mirpur is one of them. He said that he downloaded TPG app thinking it as games. Later he found Taas, betting and gambling is available there. Earing is possible by wining virtual chips. Then he started buying TPG’s virtual chips to play ‘Andharbahar’. Initially he won some money but soon started losing all.

Even he invest huge amount of money from his business. Later he lost everything. And finally he shut down his business. He said, ‘I want none should come in this way’.

There is another one who lost everything for TPG named Rabiul (anonymous name). He said, “I saw advertisement of TPG on cell phone, but I didn’t download it, suddenly someone lured me to play this”.

Intially Rabiul started earning some money. Later he lost big amount of money.

Who operates TPG? 
According to intelligence report, TPG is run from Bengalore, India (Office: Moonfrog Labs Pvt Ltd, 16/3, 4th floor, Cambridge Road, Halasuru, Karnataka 560008). It is controlled by a strong international mafia gang. Beside arms and drugs online gambling is their another earing source.

Sellers exchange virtual chips to currency by Bank and mobile banking. As a result by online gambling people from all walks of life are being involved with international mafia gang.

Ground report said that, Ulka games sells TPG’s online chip, they also run this here in Bangladesh. They also appoint sellers in several districts of the country. Almost 5 thousands seller of the country collects 8 lac to 10 lac BDT daily. Ulka games keep their commission and sent money to abroad through hundi.

Rakib is one of the top sellers of Ulka games. He collects millions and keeps himself  hidden to be fool law agency. Although it is known that he runs this business from Old Dhaka.

Nur is another gambler of Ulka,  He was arrested several times but after getting bails he involved himself in gambling. GM masud is another top seller of Ulka. He also was arrested by law agency. There he informed that he sold 20 to 25 lac taka chips per day. And also he buys virtual chips from Ulka games. There are hundreds of Ulka gamers. Rakib has connection with top leaders of gambling.

What is Ulka game actually? 
Ulka games got registration in Bangladesh in 2019 as game app design and development farm. Their flagship game is ‘Ludu’.  Showing this they also managed to be member of some other associations. But they got involved with gambling as dealer of Bangladesh because there is no scope in ludu for gambling. They made contract with TPG in 2020 though started working in 2017-18. From then Ulka games pays taxes but uses hundi to send money to abroad. According to media reports, the amount of their banking channel transactions is 174 cores BDT.

Ulka games is run by a youth named Jamil ur Rashid. He is the CEO of Ulka. He made contract naming Sweden though it is run by Indians. Mafia gang collects money via same way from others country also. Beside India and Bangladesh

they also target Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and others country.

Intelligence report says that, Money laundering is responsible for Sri Lanka’s economic crisis. For this Bangladesh went on hardline.

It is known that Jamil has passion for gaming from early age. He is a student of Matijheel Ideal School, later he went to University of York for higher study on economics. The he worked for several internal NGO’s. But for gaming addiction he failed to continue his job and started working on gaming. He found “game over studio” in 2015.  His “Double cube” game brings first success. He was judge and mentor of game jam event, arranged by a mobile company. Later he was spotted by international mafia gang. Gradually he contracted with them and became head of Bangladesh.

Is TPG gambling or games?
Ulka’s CEO told previously that it is not gambling but games only. He claimed that he run this app game as developing company and paying taxes. He said same thing later and after the arrest.

Though RAB told that there is no similarity between his words and activities.

According to their papers, they’re registered as game design and developing company. Ludu is their flagship game. But TPG is not their designed game. Though they applied to ICT ministry for registration of TPG but they could not get registration as the ministry did not allow them for gambling. But they are running without permission of the authority and laundering billions of dollars.

Is TPG gambling of games, hearing this question RAB official said, TPG operating gambling. This is kind of Casino. Participants bid for chips and if he wins got all virtual chips later he converts those chips to money. Beside this robot control table gets all money. So this is not a game at all.

How does gaming industries earn foreign currency? This was also a question for RAB officials. In answer it was said that, gaming industry and TPG is totally different concept.

Generally gamers play games and post it on social media. By doing this they earn money 3 to 5 lac taka by views. Some of them get sponsorship as well as live stream advertisement.

But TPG is totally different. They run online gambling where some win and some lose. Actually most of them lose. Then they started buying chips and started losing huge amount of money. Thus billions of dollars are being sent to abroad. This is alarming for our economy.

This circle sent 174 crores Taka by Bangladesh Bank showing fake information. Beside this hundi and others way they also sent billion dollars.

RAB told, Games development is a rising sector. This is legal. Youth are bringing foreign currency to the country. They also said that they don’t run operation against game development but against casino and gambling operators. This operation will be continued.

Arrested Member of Ulka games, TPG online gambling and money laundering gang are Bangladeshi CEO Jamil ur Rashid, Ridwan Ahmed, Saimon Hossain, Rakib ul Alam, Muntakim Ahmed and Kayes Uddin.

RAB filed several cases against them for money laundering, gambling according to ICT act before submitting them to the court.