Rare 79-Kilogram Baghair fish Sold for Tk 60,000 in Sylhet


Sylhet’s Kanaighat upazila witnessed an extraordinary event on Saturday as a massive baghair catfish, also known as the Gangetic goonch, weighing over 79 kilograms, was sold for Tk 60,000. The colossal catch was retrieved from the Lova River, situated along the border, in the Laxmiprasad East Union of the upazila at around 3 pm.

Local heroes Abdullah, Ahmed Hossain from Baragram, and Nahid from Saud village became the protagonists of this remarkable tale when they spotted the rare species of fish lurking near the river bank and successfully captured it.

The enormous baghair catfish, tipping the scales at an astounding 79.3 kilograms, was subsequently auctioned off for Tk 60,000, leaving the onlookers in awe of this astonishing catch.

Shahjahan Selim Bulbul, a local journalist, provided insights into the significance of the Lova River, stating, “The Lova River originates from India and often yields different species of fish, including the elusive baghair fish, during both dry and full seasons in its clear waters.”

This remarkable catch not only highlights the unique biodiversity of the region but also underscores the exceptional fishing skills of the local community in Sylhet’s Kanaighat upazila.

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