Prime Minister Hasina Honoured for Community Clinic Model


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh has received a special honor from Brown University, one of the United States’ oldest higher education institutions, for her pioneering community clinic model aimed at bringing healthcare services directly to the people’s doorsteps.

On Tuesday, the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University bestowed this accolade upon Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, recognizing her recent recognition by the United Nations of the “Sheikh Hasina Initiative.”

Dr. Mukesh K Jain, Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences at the institute, presented the citation to Sheikh Hasina during her stay at The Lotte New York Hotel, where she is attending the 76th United Nations General Assembly session.

The Prime Minister’s Deputy Press Secretary, Noorelahi Mina, conveyed to reporters, “The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University has extended a special honor to the Prime Minister for her United Nations recognition regarding the community clinic initiative.”

The citation reads, “Congratulations to Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, on the recent recognition by the United Nations of the ‘Sheikh Hasina Initiative.'”

The citation further elaborates on the initiative’s significance: “A successful model of Community-based Primary Health Care: A Participatory and Inclusive Approach to Universal Health Coverage by promoting primary health care, women’s empowerment, and community engagement.”

During their meeting, Dr. Jain and the Prime Minister discussed the potential for collaboration through the Bangladesh-Brown Biomedical Research and Education Initiative, a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences in the fields of public health and research.

Prime Minister Hasina expressed her support for this initiative and emphasized the importance of enhancing medical and clinical research within Bangladesh. “We always prioritize research, as it can significantly contribute to medical science,” she remarked.

The Brown University has been actively involved in cervical cancer screenings across various regions of Bangladesh. Dr. Jain suggested that they could assist Bangladesh in implementing electronic data management systems within community clinics to maintain patient records efficiently.

Furthermore, Brown University expressed its eagerness to establish a partnership with Bangladesh in the realms of research and education, indicating its willingness to sign an agreement to formalize this collaboration.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s innovative approach to healthcare delivery, as recognized by both the United Nations and Brown University, continues to make strides in improving access to essential healthcare services for the people of Bangladesh.