BRTC Buses Begin Service on Dhaka Elevated Expressway Today


In a pioneering move, the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTC) is set to launch bus services on the newly inaugurated Dhaka Elevated Expressway. Despite the absence of passenger buses on this elevated thoroughfare, the government has embarked on a novel initiative to introduce eight BRTC buses on the expressway, starting today.

This groundbreaking endeavor will commence with a trial phase, scheduled to inaugurate at 11 o’clock this morning at the Manik Mia Avenue in the capital. The bus service, akin to a ‘shuttle,’ will primarily serve the airport route. Departing from Farmgate Palm Gardens, these buses will then navigate through the expressway to reach the Khejurbagan area via Uttara Jasimuddin Road and the flyover. Service will commence at 7 in the morning and continue throughout the day, depending on passenger demand.

Each BRTC bus is subject to a toll of Tk 160 on the Dhaka Expressway. For the 15-kilometer journey from Khejurbagan to the airport, the fare has been set at 35 taka. Additionally, the fare for the 17-kilometer route extending up to Jasimuddin stands at Tk 40. This equates to a rate of Tk 2.45 per kilometer. BRTC sources have reassured passengers that the use of an e-ticketing system will eliminate any possibility of overcharging.

The elevated expressway, a monumental achievement for the nation, was officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on September 2nd. Spanning 11.5 kilometers from Kawla to Farmgate in the airport area, the expressway has witnessed increased private vehicle usage since its opening. This has consequently led to a decrease in private bus traffic on the route. In response, BRTC has taken the bold step of introducing these passenger buses to facilitate smoother and more accessible transportation options on the expressway.