State Minister Mohammad Ali Arafat Heads to Turkey for OIC Summit


State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Mohammad Ali Arafat has embarked on a significant journey to Turkey to participate in the conference of Information Ministers organized by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Departing from Dhaka, the State Minister flew to Istanbul, Turkey via Turkish Airlines early on Friday morning (23 February).

During his stay, the State Minister will partake in the Extraordinary session of the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers representing OIC member states. The session’s focus is centered on the ‘Israeli government’s disinformation and hostility against journalists during the Israeli occupation of Palestine’, addressing critical issues impacting media freedom and truth dissemination.

In addition to his conference commitments, Mohammad Ali Arafat is scheduled to hold meetings with Information Ministers from Qatar and Turkey, fostering bilateral relations and collaboration in the realm of media and information dissemination. Furthermore, he is slated to visit the Turkish Radio and Television office on February 25, further strengthening ties between Bangladesh and Turkey in the media sector.

The State Minister is expected to return to Dhaka on February 28, following the successful culmination of his engagements in Turkey, aimed at advancing Bangladesh’s standing and cooperation within the OIC framework.